build your own 1kg
Build Your Own 1Kg Pouch
build your own 500g
Build Your Own 500g Pouch
build your own 300 grams
Build Your Own 300g Pouch
mystery pouch 1kilogram
Ready Mixed 1Kg Pouch
mystery pouch 500 gram bag
Ready Mixed 500g Pouch
mystery pouch 300 gram bag
Ready Mixed 300g Pouch

Halal Pick And Mix Selections

We have three bag sizes to choose from and you can also order a pre mixed bag for those of you who cannot decide or don’t have the time to choose your own.

If you want to order a pre mixed bag then just select the size of pouch you want from our mystery pouch section.

These are prefilled with a random selection of freshest Halal sweets from our pick and mix range.